What does sustainability mean to us?

The topic of sustainability is on everyone’s lips. We at O-Spring want to help make it even more present in everyday life.

With the O-Spring principle, we are already committed to sustainability, because our high-quality steel springs and accessories are durable and can be reused many times. The topic of sustainability also concerns our employees.

But what is sustainable?

Sustainability has many faces and offers many opportunities to integrate it into life and everyday life. Many people act sustainably when it comes to food, by cycling to work every day or using public transport instead of driving, because this contributes to a healthier and cleaner environment!

As a company, we serve as a role model: both internally for our employees and externally.

Heart project: Stop the flood of plastic!

Clean garbage and waste separation has been in place in our company for a long time. Also
Experiments with sustainable and renewable raw materials are constantly being pushed forward and integrated into our products and processes.

With our O-Spring system we also want to actively contribute to a clean environment.

It can be used ideally at home for waste separation or on the go to collect waste from nature.
As an O-Spring customer, you also actively contribute to our #cleanenvironment campaign.

Plastic waste threatens the environment, the oceans and ultimately us too. We therefore support the work of the WWF, specifically the climate protection project in Vietnam to combat marine litter.

You can find out more about sea pollution here: wwf.de

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