The O-Spring principle - explained step by step

Grip the O-Spring tension spring with both hands below the bent ends to create a teardrop shape. The rubberised coating faces outwards.
Now hold the tension spring below the bent ends with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Grip the bag or pouch with the other hand.
Position the O-Spring inside the bag opening, about 2-5 cm below the edge of the bag, then place the ends one after the other and release carefully.
Attach suitable hooks/holders to the curved edge as required.
Now you can easily attach the bag wherever you need it!

Can be used in all situations

Your O-Spring set is perfect for collecting kitchen waste, clippings in the garden or storing bathroom utensils - thanks to the holders in various sizes plus matching bags.
For bathroom utensils
For kitchen waste
In the car/camper
In the garage

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