Michael Müller, the founder of O-Spring

Inventiveness runs in our family. I really enjoy developing new things that don't exist yet! When faced with problems and obstacles, I don't see the problem itself, but rather look for ways and solutions to improve it.

The funniest things have come about. At the age of 8, I already equipped my BMX bike with countless improvements such as skateboard tires on the front fork, seat suspension and luggage racks for the handlebars. The 1 m long rear mudguard was an absolute hit among us friends.

The idea for O-Spring

After years of tinkering, I've finally come across something... something so simple that is really helpful for everyone!

After I was once again annoyed about a garbage bag collapsing when disposing of cardboard and Styrofoam leftovers while unpacking a wardrobe, I had a flash of inspiration: Why isn't there a simple, mobile tool to keep a bag open in such a case?

Anyone can use that in a situation like this!

And then the idea for the O-Spring bag holder was born, which I can finally present to you after some tinkering and tinkering.

Try it out for yourself now!

Your Michael Müller,
O-Spring founder and managing director

Simple, ingenious and strong as a lion!
This is how O-Spring was able to convince!

O-Spring founder Michael Müller ventured into the lions' den with his practical and innovative everyday solution. He explained to the jury very clearly why he no longer wants to do without the curved steel spring: it reliably keeps bags of all kinds open, making it the ultimate helper for tidying and sorting, in the house and garden, at home and when travelling.
The "lions" were impressed by the clever principle behind the O-Spring bag holder. So simple and yet so versatile - investor Ralf Dümmel in particular saw great potential for the everyday lives of countless people. Founder Michael Müller is delighted to have Ralf Dümmel on board to finally make his invention widely known and certainly very popular.