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Can be used in all situations

Your O-Spring set is perfect for collecting kitchen waste, clippings in the garden or storing bathroom utensils - thanks to the holders in various sizes plus matching bags.
O-Spring - flexible spring, great effect!
The O-Spring bag holder system is as simple as it is ingenious and was developed directly from everyday life. There are always situations where you need help holding up bags, whether you're camping, gardening or tidying up at home. This is where O-Spring comes into play: the bags are simply stretched open with the tension springs and held up permanently. This means they can be filled quickly and easily when tidying up or used to store your personal items. When inserted into a bin liner, for example, the tension spring presses against the outside of the bag and adheres firmly to it with the help of a special coating. This holds the bag in place and prevents the spring from slipping. With O-Spring, for example, a simple bin liner quickly becomes a "garden bin" when collecting leaves.
The practical bag holders: always there where you need them!
O-Spring not only provides you with excellent services for holding bags, but also goes one step further: by combining it with different hooks or suction cups, the stretched bags can be easily attached to tables, cupboards, doors or even the wall. This means you can not only hold the O-Spring bag holders in your hand, but also attach them to the drawers of your chest of drawers, use the suction cup to store bathroom utensils in the shower cubicle, attach them to your barbecue trolley and much more. Thanks to the 3 different sizes, the O-Spring bag holders can be used for bags with a capacity of 10 - 120 litres. The ideal helpers in every situation!