O-Spring Multi Set

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Ideal for tidying up, gardening or storing personal utensils: the ingenious O-Spring bag holder system! The bags are easily stretched using the tension springs and held in place permanently.

Product details:
  • Easy to install - even without drilling
  • High-quality spring steel - durable and resilient
  • Tension springs in 3 different sizes: for bags and bag volumes of 10-120 liters
  • Makes tidying, sorting and storage easier - whether at home or on the go
  • Comprehensive set with tension springs, bag, hooks and holders for fastening: for many possible uses
  • Allows you to hold the bag even without outside help

Whether camping, in the garden or simply at home... your O-Spring bag holder system is as individual as you are. The bags are easily stretched using the tension springs and held in place permanently. This means they can be filled quickly and easily when tidying up or used to store your personal utensils.

The tension spring compresses when, for example, B. is inserted into a garbage bag to the outside and adheres to the edge of the bag using the coating. This will hold the bag in place and prevent the spring from slipping. This is how e.g. For example, a simple garbage bag can quickly become a “garden bin” when collecting leaves.

And the special highlight: By combining them with different hooks or suction cups, the stretched bags can be easily attached to tables, cupboards, doors or even on the wall. So you can not only hold the O-Spring bag holder in your hand, but also clip it to the drawers of your chest of drawers, use the suction cup to store bathroom utensils in the shower cubicle, attach it to your barbecue trolley and much more

The number of possible applications is almost unlimited. Thanks to their easy handling and minimalist size, the tension springs and bag holders are also easy to store and can be used on the move. The ideal practical helpers in every situation!

  • 1x O-Spring S (for bags and bags up to 10 l)
  • 1x O-Spring M (for bags and bags from 10 l up to 30 l)
  • 1x O-Spring L (for bags and bags from 35 to 120 l)
  • 1x screw holder
  • 1x Small Hook
  • 1x universal holder
  • 1x handle holder
  • 1x suction cup
  • 1x holder with adhesive pad
  • 4x clips
  • 1x mesh bag
The product is designed to stop the opening of plastic, paper or fabric bags. Additionally, the opened bags can be attached to surfaces or objects. The product is suitable for bags with a capacity of up to 120 liters.